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8% PER DAY 0.33% PER HOUR 7001 rub - 35000 rub 100.1 usd - 500 usd 0.011 btc - 0.05 btc 2.1 ltc - 10 ltc 40100 doge - 200000 doge 0.51 eth - 2 eth Invest
10% PER DAY 0.42% PER HOUR 35001 rub - 700000 rub 500.1 usd - 10000 usd 0.051 btc - 1 btc 10.1 ltc - 300 ltc 200100 doge - 4000000 doge 2.1 eth - 50 eth Invest

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Cryptocurrency - 2020 trend

CryptoBull company has been exchanging cryptocurrencies and providing liquidity to cryptocurrency exchanges and exchange points since 2017. As many know , 2017 was the year of cryptocurrency, when Bitcoin set records in $20,000 , leading the rest coins , and crypto-boom was spoken on every corner. At this time, the demand for the exchange exceeded the supply by dozens times, then we created a service for the accumulation and exchange of cryptocurrency, and later fiat currency for the implementation of exchange operations. For 2017-2020, we formed close cooperation with such crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Bittrex, binance and the exchange service bestchange . In 2019, cryptocurrency market expects another cryptocurrency , and we are ready for a great demand for exchange operations involving cryptocurrency. We made a decision to accept crypto and fiat currency from private investors for increase working portfolio, and, consequently, profit of investors and our company. Collaborating with us , everyone gets the opportunity to be at the top of a new round of development of the crypto industry.

2020 promises to be the year of conquering new heights : we have been preparing for this moment for a long time and are not going to miss it. During the preparation, we created our platform for accumulating liquidity for exchanges with a large volume , and increased the staff for working with a large number of clients. During the decline in activity on the crypto market in 2018, our company acquired good partner relations with the largest exchanges and exchange points . This collaboration will bring a huge profit for us and our investors.

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We value the trust of investors and appreciate the assistance in promoting our company. And what could be better than a material bonus? Only a great material bonus! Get 8% -2% of your partner's deposit. For particularly active partners, we have developed a special incentive program for your work.

Referral program ------------------------------------------------------- We appreciate the trust of investors and appreciate help in promoting our company. And what could be better than a monetary bonus? Only big monetary bonus! bonus! Get 8% -2% of your partner's deposit. active partners, we have developed a program of special encouragement for your work. Learn more 8% Get 8% -2% from deposit Your partner
8% Get 8% -2% from deposit Your partner